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A Patient's Perspective on LASIK

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Our patient had his LASIK surgery with Farmington Vision Care and TLC Laser Eye Center.  We love co-managing these experiences and seeing the happy results! We set aside some time to ask him some questions about his experience when he returned for care. Read below to hear his first hand account of LASIK surgery.

TLC Front DeskFront Desk at TLC St. Louis

When did you have the procedure done?

Yesterday. Today is my first day after the procedure and I can already see better than I can ever remember.

What was your motivation for having LASIK?

I hate wearing contacts and glasses and I wanted more consistent vision.  With contacts my vision would often blur between blinks or throughout the day and with glasses I didn't have any peripheral vision.  I wanted the best vision possible to make me the most effective at my job and life. I actually decided to have LASIK done several years ago but due to my work requirements, I didn't have the opportunity until recently. PaperworkFilling Out Paperwork Before the Procedure

Can you describe the process and your experience?

I saw Dr. Kwan at Farmington Vision Care for my annual eye examination. She confirmed I was a good candidate for LASIK and we scheduled the appointment. I had to have a full dilated eye examination to check my candidacy. Approximately two weeks prior to the procedure I had to remove my contacts and wear solely glasses. This was the most difficult part of the entire process because I use my peripheral vision for work and was so near-sighted that I had almost none in my glasses; at least not any comfortable peripheral vision. 

The day of surgery I was seen by another optometrist, Dr. Polk at The Laser Center (TLC) who confirmed Dr. Kwan's findings and to ensure my vision had not changed while out of contact lenses. Finally, immediately prior to surgery my vision prescription was confirmed a third time by the surgeon, Dr. Wexler. I found it very reassuring I would be given the ideal prescription due to the amount of checks and rechecks on my vision.PhoropterConfirming a Stable Prescription

The procedure was extremely quick and painless. During the entire process, Dr. Wexler and his staff explained every action they were taking or were going to be taking, so there were no surprises during the procedure. I was told to simply look at a light, and not to stress as the laser system tracks eye movement. In 15 minutes I was complete and immediately after leaving the operating room I could notice a difference (even with my protective eye shields!).

After the procedure I had to wear shields to protect my eyes and keep my eyes shut for a few hours. I found it easy to nap on my drive home. The following two hours after the surgery, my eyes burned and drained, in a similar manner to my allergies in the spring. After roughly 4 hours the burning sensation went away and I found it very easy to sleep that night.TopographyAdditional Testing to Rule-Out Potential Complications

I removed the shields this morning and I was amazed at the results in a period of less than 24 hours.  I found my self gazing through my neighborhood and into the distance. I have had my vision corrected through contacts and glasses since I was nine years old and this is the absolute best vision I can ever remember having. I drove myself to my follow up appointment with Dr. Kwan at Farmington Vision Care without any difficulty and it was confirmed that I now have 20/15 vision without glasses or contacts in each eye!

I can't emphasize enough how amazing this experience has been. Through the entire process everyone from Farmington Vision Care and TLC were amazing, very professional, and answered every single question I had, including specific questions about my work and hobbies to tailor my vision needs for my life. They have my absolute highest recommendation for future care. Surgeon ConsultDiscussing the Surgery with His Surgeon

For you, what was the most intimidating part?

Not knowing how the procedure works, uncertainty at the idea that a laser was going to be used to cut into my eye.

What did you find reassuring? What gave you the confidence to go through with the procedure?

All of the checks and rechecks and clear and easy explanations.  I knew that if at any point there were any red-flags that I was not a good candidate, it was not going to go unnoticed. 

Eye Shields and SunglassesAll Finished! Taped-Up and Ready to Go Home!

Was any part of the process uncomfortable?

Mildly.  The two hours after immediately after the surgery I had some burning and irritation but that was it. The warned me that I may have some dryness for the next several weeks and likely today but I haven't experienced any dryness yet. 

Was cost a deterrent to you at all?

Not at all. It paid for itself in contact lens cost in less than five years and that's not including the solutions, the drops, or the time and stress like worrying if I packed enough contacts or brought a case.

Would you recommend laser-vision correction?

100% to anyone

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TLC Laser Eye Center is one of the opthalmology groups that we co-manage your care with! Co-managing allows you to have all of your pre-op and post-op care done closer to home instead of driving an hour for multiple appointments.  Want to learn more about TLC Laser Eye Center? Click here.


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