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How to Choose Your Optometrist in 6 Easy Steps

Selecting an optometrist for your family shouldn't be a daunting task! When picking a provider ask several questions to find the best fit for your needs:

  1. Is the practice local and available when I need them?

Doctors who understand your lifestyle are better partners in your care. Practices with local doctors are able to provide better hours and on-call services for your after hours emergencies. Drs. Clint Wolk, Courtney Kwan, and Kaitlyn Lukefahr are from your area! With late evening hours and on-call availability, someone at Farmington Vision Care is always available for your needs!

  1. Is the doctor(s) experienced with my condition or demands?

You see a surgeon when you need surgery, a pediatrician for your child, and a dentist for your oral care; you understand that different practitioners have different comfort and skill levels.  The multiple doctors at Farmington Vision Care have everything covered! From basic, every day contact lenses to specialty lenses for corneal disorders; exams for babies aged 6 months to exams for grandparents; glasses correction to LASIK co-management--the staff can pair you with a doctor who is best for your needs!    

  1. Do they provide up-to-date care, knowledge, technology, and products?

You want a selection when it comes to your eye wear and you want to know your eye is healthy! New advanced technologies help you doctor thoroughly screen for most eye conditions without the discomfort of yearly dilation and hours spent in the office!  Farmington Vision Care provides the most up-to-date diagnostic technologies including Optomap Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging to screen your eyes for many eye conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic damage.

  1. Do they have a large referral network?

Optometrists are primary providers for your eye health and vision and can manage many eye disorders including near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmastism, conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, ocular allergies, and foreign body removal.  Occasionally, however, your eye health may dictate that you need more advanced care.   Ophthalmologists are medical doctors that have specialized in the eye and can provide surgeries, injections, or other enhanced treatments if demanded. Farmington Vision Care has a large network of ophthalmologists that we know and trust allowing us to seamlessly transfer your care and protect your health and vision in the rare event that your condition requires it.

  1. Are they recommended by my friends, family, primary doctor, professional organizations, etc?

Ask around! Friends and family can provide helpful advice and prior patients are always eager to share their wonderful experiences with the doctors at Farmington Vision Care.  Drs. Clint Wolk, Courtney Kwan, and Kaitlyn Lukefahr are all proud members of the American Optometric Association and the Southeast Missouri Optometric Association.  

  1. Can they work with my insurance?

Picking an optometrist who accepts your vision and/or medical insurance will save you money on your co-pay and out of pocket expenses! Farmington Vision Care accepts many different medical and vision insurance carriers and the staff is trained to help you coordinate your benefits so that cost is never an obstacle.

You're set! Call and set up an appointment and start on your path to clearer vision!


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