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Dr. Lukefahr Answers 5 Commonly Asked Questions about Contact Lens Wear

Contact lenses are medical devices that must be fit and prescribed by an eye care Professional. To prevent risk of infection, contact lenses must be cared for properly.

1.  When should I replace my contact lenses?

Some contact lens are approved for daily use while others are approved for up to 30 days. Sleeping in lenses or wearing them longer than for what they are approved can lead to increased risk of infection. Waiting until you experience discomfort or pain to replace lenses can lead to further complications.


2.  How often should I replace my contact lens case?

Contact lens cases should be replaced every three months. After you put in your contacts discard the solution from the case. Rinse the case with clean solution and leave open to air dry.

3.  How do I clean my contact lenses?

Always wash your hands before handling contact lenses. Rub your contact lenses with your fingers and rinse with solution afterward. Use fresh solution every time you clean your lenses. Do not use tap water, saline solution, saliva, or top off old solution.


4.  Can I swim with my contact lenses?

Swimming with contact lenses should be avoided. The FDA recommends that contact lens should not be exposed to any kind of water. This includes tap water, swimming pools, hot tubs, oceans, lakes, and showers.

5.  Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

Sleeping in contact lenses deprives the eye of oxygen and increases the risk of infection. Very few lenses are approved for extended wear. Sleeping in contact lenses in not recommended.


Signs and Symptoms of Infection:

  • red, irritated eyes

  • sensitivity to light

  • blurred vision

  • discharge

If you experience any of the previous signs or symptoms remove your contact lenses and give us a call!

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